Taking It For Granted

This is a real incident I had experienced recently…
It was spring time and the beauty of flowers always attracts.

It was a lovely evening when the sun was ready to set, leaving the sky yellow and orange. I went out for a walk as the cold breeze was pleasant enough to give the hectic day a refreshing break. I didn’t know that time this one walk is going to give me a life long lesson…

While returning back home, I saw a shop. Many people were standing there buying some grocery. Amongst them, I saw a man, he must be in his 30’s. Shyly standing on the corner, waiting for his turn. He wore shabby clothes. Cream coloured dirty shirt and faded green pants. Even the slippers were worn out. Then my attention went to the little girl with him. She looked like 3-4  year old, with brown dirty hair, like they were never washed. Her body was badly tanned. She wore no slippers, just frock that was torn from the left side. I realized she was that man’s daughter when she called him ‘papa’.

The shopkeeper was busy with all other buyers, and due to his shyness and absence of confidence, the man couldn’t ask loudly for a packet of chips for his daughter. I decided to go ahead and help them out. Unlike other poor children, not even once did the poor girl ask for a penny from me. She just looked at me quietly, and then looked at the packet of chips, hugged her father’s leg and asked him one more time to buy her a packet.

It seemed as if the father had brought her daughter with him to let her decide what she needs and was still trying his best to ask for it. Due to the crowd, his turn came very late. Unfortunately, the chips and chocolates had finished. I saw him taking out all the money he had from all the pockets of his shirt and pants and count if they were able to buy a large packet of chips for his daughter. But the poor man had not enough to even add 4 penny extra.

On the other hand, a child next to me bought a large sized packet of chips. He had a notebook and pen in his hand. He wore neat clothes and shoes. After two three steps away from the shop, he opened the packet and tasted the chips. Very roughly, he threw the whole large packet on the road as if he didn’t like the taste.

The little girl left her dad, and ran to pick up the packet from the road. I saw her father standing helpless as he didn’t have money nor could he again make his daughter go empty hand. His face could show how badly he wanted to stop his daughter from picking up from road but he couldn’t.

I ran towards the girl and brought her back holding her tiny hands. I bought a large sized packet of chips for her to see her smile. She bid my goodbye, giving a lovely smile, hugging her father tightly.

While leaving, the shopkeeper told me that the father used to come to her shop every weekend to buy something for his ‘only’ daughter. She told me they are very poor and the man saves everyday to buy something for his daughter to see her smile.

True, parents can do wonders for their child. But its also true that somewhere we take everything for granted, be it our family, our belongings, our assets or our relationships. Like the little girl was longing to eat a small packet of chips, the boy threw the whole big packet.

We don’t know the actual worth of things, we have.

As human starts to slowly taste the essence of progress, he also starts to forget the value of things that made him achieve that progress…

When we don’t realize the value of things we have, we face a point of loneliness when they are no more. Its true we take our parents’ love for granted, but what if we go far away from them? No one can pamper us like they do, no one can love us like they did. Ask a student or a job seeker living away from his family. Maybe he would explain the empty space he feels every day. We take our friendships for granted, but when our friend leaves us, when we have fight?? its then when we realise their is no one to share the good and bad moments with. Instead of creating a void of regrets in your heart, cherish every moment and value every thing you have in life!

This little innocent girl, left with a big smile on her face in her daddy’s arms, making me realize the value of things I took for granted. The innocence of the girl and the love of her father made me learn the value of everything and every person in my life…

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali !!


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