When You Finally Find Yourself

I was on an unstable ground

pebbles and sand rushed under my feet

barren, cold stillness was all I found

the dullness was forcing me to scream


I was left in utter silence

because of the wrong that happened till now

the darkness beneath was shaking me till core

I couldn’t see any path ahead to follow


all I discovered, was my life STILL

as far as my eyes went to see

the cold, dark desert was all I had

no creature visible to sigh by me.


the tears rushed out of my eyes

and reaching my cheeks, they tend to dry

just like the rain droplets, from the sky

meets the desert, destined to dry


I walked alone with barren feet

the loneliness killed my heart and mind

all I was able to see around me

was the desert stillness and cold dry breeze.


I lost all hopes to stand up again

the girl who never gave up, broke herself

regretting towards the step she took

and now she lost the battle. How sad!


through utter darkness, I saw some light

my eyes wide open and my heartbeat delight!

I saw a figure, an unearthly attraction

in fairy white, it came to my sight.


with a motherly affection, it held my hand

guiding me, he made me stand

the next I remember was, me with him

walking along the white light film


he took me to a sea shore

leaving my hand and walking besides

there was something so unusual in him

the love and care, I forgot everything


he kept his hand on my head..

Remember! I still couldn’t see his face!

just like a father, he caressed me

and finally asked me, “At last! for what did you chase?”


the voice was something straight from my heart

I bent my head low, and said

“I wanted that “destiny” to be mine..

just the way I had wanted it to be kept!”


“look through, what you did in past!

don’t you think, the future stands apart?

I am the writer and you are a mere player

remove the “I” and enjoy this part!


trust me at every step of your life..

I am just next to you, just call me aside!

through every difficulty of yours, I am there

nothing to worry, your destiny is here!


do what you are bound to do..but

remember not to hurt the others

because I didn’t gave you any right to cut..

their feelings, from the thread I spun”


I asked him” for what would I do,

if others hurt you night and day!

won’t you do the same to them?

or sit like coward, quitting to stay!”


he smiled and kissed my forehead softly

“Child! let them do what they want

for they are doing the wrong indeed, why

should you too take their wrong way?


life I gave you, is simply to short

never keep regrets for what they say!

play and enjoy the game I gave…

and live your life, for it may go vain!!


look at the mere butterfly there

it just has to live for one short day

but take a look at the colours it spreads

and enjoys its life to the fullest it can!”


I held his mighty hands in mine

and promised not to leave them again

for my life is really short indeed

where god came to make me realize this time!


I promised him to never give up again,

because I am just a mere player of “the game”

I knew he has surprises for me ahead,

so, why not bury the tears, and smile forward again..!!




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