The Sweetness Of Honey

Honey – A Super Star of Sweetness

Discovered nearly 8000 years ago, honey has always been taken as a sweetener to many tasty dishes.It contains more sugar content than water content!
But I am very much sure it hasn’t yet entered your beauty regime. It is right to call honey as a super star. It is not only great for healthy sweet food, but has lots and lots of beauty benefits which you can’t even wonder!! if it is sweet and healthy for eating, then it is even more wonderful if added to your beauty basket. sometimes beauty tricks are taken to be followed by the females only, but in case of natural products, dear men, no one would be able to think you use it naturally! at last, who doesn’t wants to have a flawless skin!!

okay rather than exposing all its benifits bit by bits let me make a full big list of all its benefits for you!!
so here we go honey…

    The age of puberty brings along a lot of skin problems with it. many a times the teenagers(may it be boys or girls) face the problem of acne. acne is a bacterial skin problem that causes many small pimples on face. you need not worry as honey is present as a super hero for your skin and is ready to bash out all your acne!! you just need to apply honey at the affected area. it will get a bit sticky. leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with not so cold water. start watching the magic with continuous use after some weeks!

    Going for a great day and you wake up and see a big pimple on your face. sometimes many of us do a blunder of popping out the pimple. for sometime it would look great but after that it would leave behind a bad scar!!

I too had acne and pimple but I never ever burst any of them, but, still I got scars when acne was finished!!

If you ever met with any accident that left behind a scar… again need not worry at all my friend! My dear Honey is still there to fight for you. Just apply raw honey on your scar and soon your scar would appear fading away, leaving behind a flawless shining skin. The bleaching effect of honey would reduce the old and new scars dramatically!!


Honey is a very soothing moisturising and hydrating agent for skin which can be used raw or in any facial mask. it can be used with its dearest friend Aloe-Vera, or turmeric or any other home made mask. this natural super food would give you a very shining and healthy skin which wouldn’t require any make up product!


For all those who love silky, strong and healthy long hair, honey is a magic wand. After the shampoo it works as a great hair conditioner because of its moisturising and softening properties. All you have to do is mix 1 tbsp raw honey with 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. start applying from the ends and move towards the root of the hair. Leave for about 20-30 minutes and rinse it off! After frequent use you’ll have shining healthy hair you would love to flaunt!!

    Are you facing the problem of facial hair? do you need to use bleach frequently to hide your unwanted hair? i am sure you are already aware of the strong chemicals used in bleach! it too has a high percentage of burning the skin if not applied in correct proportion. bleach when used frequently also makes the skin tone darker or develops dark patches. moreover, when seen from distance it looks like you got a flawless skin, but when seen closely, it doesn’t appears better when small golden hair shine out of nowhere!!


v/s  Rather than opting for costly laser treatments and painful salon techniques, i would suggest you to go natural way which is a bit slow in progress but seriously affective!
to get a lightened hair tone:- you should mix 1tbsp raw honey with distilled water and apply on your hair. wash it off after 1 hour and practice this weekly. you’ll be surprised with the results!
to remove unwanted hair growth:- you can combine 1 tbsp raw honey with same amount of lemon juice and 3 tbsp of brown sugar.boil this mixture until bubbles pop out. Gently put it on the affected area and cover it with a cotton strip. rub it until you get the warmth and gently pull the cotton strip off against the direction of hair.

    who would really ever wish to look old and wrinkled? we all want a younger looking skin, no?a younger looking skin requires to be flawless, healthy and not loosened and wrinkled! to make your skin prettier and flaunt like a diva, you got to add Honey in your beauty basket!


Honey acts as a natural anti-ageing cream. Application of even 1 tbsp honey a day has rich antioxidants that help to keep your radicals away!! If possible, mix honey with its great friend Aloe-Vera and apply on your face twice/thrice a week. Keep it on for sometime and rinse it off. Get ready for a youthful skin and say goodbye to the wrinkles!!

    Some people need to get manicure and pedicure frequently to make their hygiene appear good and nails look clean and strong. but remember it only LOOKS strong, inside they are feeble and easy to break! isn’t it better to make your toes and finger nails actually get strong and shiny?


To make your toes and hand nails appear pretty and clean, you just have to apply some raw honey or the mixture of raw honey and apple cidar vinegar. Apply on nails and cuticles and rinse off after 10 minutes. Better do it frequently in a month for good results!


Nowadays, many jobs require to sit infront of the computers or lappy. Some jobs don’t provide efficient sleep! students too don’t get enough time to sleep and devote more time to studies. Due to lack of sleep, more of computer/televisions, no routine of jogging and exercising, less intake of fresh air, a person develops dark circles under the eyes. they ruin all the beauty!
you can either apply raw honey, or a mixture of raw honey with sweet almond oil on the affected are under eye. apply at least twice a week till dark circles start to fade away. apply it for approximately 15-20 minutes for beautiful eyes!



rather than opting for costly vitamin rich face creams, I suggest to go for Honey! Honey is rich in Vitamin B and C, various minerals and amino acids which help to make skin

look radiant and shiny. It stops the skin from getting dry by locking the moisture in the skin and hydrating it. It is even a great natural antioxidant.
I have got a sensitive skin.In winters, when my face used to get dry, I applied Face Creams, but the other day when i used to get pimples due to oily skin, and if i didn’t use any cream, then i would get a very dry and flaky skin! i left behind all the creams and opted for the mixture of Honey and Sweet Almond Oil. It gave me NO pimple or acne and left a flawless skin after regular use!

  • Maybe last but not the least!
    Sometimes in change of season, or especially in winters, we get to have dry flaky lips. sometimes blood comes out. it doesn’t looks better in any way. so what to do, to get back the same soft and shiny lips back?


A healthy smile not only requires good looking teeth but also silky, smooth, healthy lips. To get healthy lips, one needs to add Honey and brown sugar in equal quantities and apply on the lips. after five minutes just gently exfoliate and get smooth and healthy lips. Gets great results when done twice a week!


So these were some really great uses of honey for a better looking skin. But a small question arises, How to find a the healthy honey, fit for use?

It is easy to find  fit healthy honey by observing simple things…

  1. It should NOT form layers in the bottle when kept for long time as it indicates more amount of water than sugar. It makes it unfit to be preserved for long.
  2. take some honey in the spoon and drop it back in the bowl. It would form small layers but these layers should get merged in the honey fairly early. if not, then the honey isn’t fit for use.

Some great mixtures of honey, which would be discussed in detail in further posts are as follows…



  • Honey and Green Tea
  • Honey and Aloe Vera
  • Honey and Milk
  • Honey and dry oatmeals
  • Honey and Warm Water
  • Honey and Brown Sugar
  • Honey and Apple Cidar Vinegar
  • Honey and Olive Oil
  • Honey and Coconut Oil…. etc!

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