Winter Skin Care

Winters have always been a lazy season, they make us become more lethargic and we kind of fell in love with our blankets!

coming to the point, the most affected in this season is our skin. winters haven’t even approached, but the weather changes have already made skin dry. we start to experience dandruff in hair, dry stretched skin, dry lips, and hands and toes getting a dark tone.

Its important to note, that once such ignorance is given, the skin is badly affected, and it will take more than usual to recover. the skin can also get patchy and flaky and appear ugly. it’s true that winters don’t let you experience a weather to allow you wear a half pant or a skirt or shorts. you get to cover yourself completely, this doesn’t makes the skin to feel free and stay fresh. being closed and ignored, it may get transformed into a nightmare. so, let’s start with some tips to keep loving your skin the way you always have and not ignore it and leave it to dry. i have also used one of my favourite tip for winters with you

  1. Moisturize
    so this had to be the most important, and obviously the first in position. it is very important to keep your skin moisturized as it kind of provides the food for your skin. if your skin is oily, try water based moisturizers. make it a habit in the morning and even before going to bed.
  2. Exfoliate
    winters makes skin dry and flaky, to avoid this, we regularly moisturize our skin. the moisturizer does benefit but it also clogs our skin pores, this results in the formation of pimples. so it becomes necessary to regularly exfoliate your skin, once every week with a mild scrubber.
  3. Stay Hydrated
    this is often well discussed in summers, but it has to be noted in the winter skin care too. in winters, our body needs more heat, for this more work is done by our organs, in return they need a charge which is provided by water. water helps to maintain the balance and helps the organs as well.
  4. avoid hot water for face
    i accept the fact that most of us prefer to take a hot water bath in winters but it is the worst we can do for our face. if cold water is something you can’t stand in winters, i would suggest to at least use more of lukewarm water. add more of cold water with hot water and ensure its not steamy hot. this surely will be better for face followed by a good face wash.
  5. vitamin E for skin
    these vitamins prove to be great food for skin. rather than searching the market for great brands for night care creams and daycare creams, i suggest coconut oil and aloevera gel for you. this is my personal favorite routine i follow up alternatively. one day, apply a sufficient amount of coconut oil, so much so that it gets absorbed. coconut is rich in Vitamin E and the glowing skin will be experienced in just a week i bet. on the second day, i apply raw aloevera gel on my face, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off and apply my regular moisturizer. you can even opt for honey in substitutes!
  6. a great lip care
    a). first, scrub the dry flakes off your lips. make a diy lip scrubber at home in just 2 minutes.
    add 1/2 tablespoon: coconut oil, 1/2 tablespoon: brown sugar, 1/3 tablespoon: honey
    mix them well and scrub your lips for not more than 2 minutes. coconut oil and honey will moisturize your lips and brown sugar will help in scrubbing.
    b). secondly, moisturize your lip with a correct lip balm. please avoid the lip balm with any mint. the mint extracts in lip balm tend to make the lips more dry.
  7. Don’t forget the SPF!
    even though we crave for the warmth of the sun in winters, the  UVA and UVB rays are still harmful, strong and damaging. therefore, it becomes very important to apply the SPF regularly while going out!

so, these were the top 7 tips for your winter care, i hope they prove beneficial for you!

happy winters ! 🙂


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