Removing facial hair

Facial hair have proved to be a very big problem for many pretty ladies. Many end up going through a lazer treatment or to beauty parlor every week. If no source available, they end up sitting n wondering how to face the world. Facial hair are most of the time the result of the hormone imbalance or heredity. I too faced the problem of facial hair as a result of heredity. My mother clearly refused for lazer treatment as it is not 100% effective till date and may cause skin problems. On the other hand, parlor techniques would cause thickening of facial hair which would cause a disaster!! So i opted for these remedies and believe me they are really m
ore effective, they just demand a small part of daily routine

There is no need for worries. Feel blessed we all are the children of god! And god has made so many techniques to face every problem!! This post may be useful for the girls only so boys watch out for more posts on the way

Here I have mentioned all the possible easy ways to get rid of the facial hair and have a very glowing and clear face! so here we go girls…

  1. Honey and lemon mask
    Honey as i mentioned in my previous blog, has always shown miracle. All you have to do is to add 1 tbsp of honey and 1/2 tbsp of ground oatmeal. Mix them well and add few drops of fresh lime. Apply on your face and leave for about 15-20 minutes. Ground oatmeal would help to exfoliate your screen. After rinsing it off gently, pat your face dry. repeat this 2-3 times for a month and see the magic.

  2. Flour mask
    in earlier times, flour used to be a great ingredient for hair removing at Indian homes. It still is, but many have forgotten about the help it provides us. All you have to do is take a bowl and mix 1 tbsp of flour, 1 tbsp of sugar and 1 egg. Mix the three so well that it looks like glue. apply on your hairy area and leave for 15 minutes to dry. after it gets dry, peel it off slowly  and thereafter wash it off. use a moisturizing cream for pampering your skin to stay soft.

  3. Turmeric And Warm Water
    turmeric is a great antiseptic hero. from food to beauty basket, it holds a very special position. this remedy is pretty easy. take 2 tbsp amount of turmeric and start adding warm water to it slowly. mix until it forms a paste. make sure that turmeric is more than water. apply on the hairy area and leave for about 20  minutes. wash it off with a soaked cloth very slowly. turmeric may leave behind the yellow shade but don’t worry it will gradually fade away. avoid applying it everyday as it will make the yellowness prominent. and also take care of your clothes as turmeric stain is hard to wash away.
  4. Best Sugar Honey Lemon Mask!
    this is a pretty interesting remedy which is full of fragrance. take 2 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of lemon juice.Mix them well and leave for some time. rinse it off and repeat it for 2-3 times a week for a month.

  5. Gelatin peel off mask
    take 1 tbsp of unflavored gelatin and 1/2 tbsp of milk. add 1-2 drops of lavender and mix well. after that, microwave this mixture for 100-15 seconds and apply on face. after it dries, peel it off slowly. it proves to be a great helper!

  6. Turmeric and Milk
    turmeric has got a new partner as well, MILK. make a thick paste of turmeric and milk with a ratio of  3:1 (turmeric : milk). Apply on the area you want to remove hair and rinse it off properly aftr 20 minutes.

  7. Sugar wax remedy
    sugar wax can be made at home by melting out sugar with correctly following the steps. Apply the liquid form of sugar on the affected area and remove it off in the way you practice for wax strips. It may hurt a little but is definitely effective!!

  8. Chickpeas
    Take 2 tbsp of chickpea flour or gram flour. Add 1/2 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp milk cream and 3/4th spoon of turmeric. Mix them well and apply on your face. After some time, it will get dry. Leave for 20-25 minutes. Scrub gently and rinse it with water and pat dry. Repeat 3 times a week.

  9. Turmeric and Yogurt
    mix 1/4th tbsp turmeric and 1 tbsp chickpea flour and 1/2 tbsp yogurt or rose water. Mix well and apply on your face. Rinse after 20 minutes and pat dry. repeat once a week. yogurt helps to leave a glowing and moisturizing skin whereas turmeric will help reduce hair with help of chickpea flour.

  10. Apricot and Honey
    1 tbsp honey, 1/2 cup of dry apricots powder. Mix them well and apply on your face. Honey is a great moisturizer for face. It is highly safe for oily skin too without harmful effects. Leave for 10 minutes and gently rub it off. after that wash it off and pat dry. remember not to scrub so hard. face has got a thin layer of protection, and if scrubbed for a long time or scrubbed harshly, it results in damaging the skin. repeat the same for 3-4 times a week.

  11. Lemon and Orange Peel
    Mix 1 tbsp almond oil, 1 tbsp oatmeal, 1-2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp rose water, 1 tbsp lemon peel powder, 1 tbsp orange peel powder. It is one remedy which demands a lot of things but promises to give great results. Orange and lemon are really good for health and in some or the other dish we use them. Rather than going to the market, one can store the peel and let them get dry in sunlight for some days. as the peels contain high amount of water and juices, they take time to get dry. After they get dry, make powder by churning them in a mixer. use them in the remedy.
    after mixing all the substances, apply the paste on face and leave for 10 minutes. rub it off and repeat every week.


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