Falling In Love With Myself

​Sometimes you come across some of the most happy souls in your life. Some people who love themselves so much that in a meeting of just 20 minutes you actually fell in love with yourselves. This post i dedicate to them. Thanks for making me fall in love with my life, myself and my presence.
I came across such blessed ones. I mean it. They are truly blessed. They made me realize again that this life is just one, and i need to live it to the fullest. They are so full of positivity, that the energy boosts up. There is no show off, no bragging, they reflect the meaning of strength, love and life. You like to be like them. In a very small time, they have this incredible ability to make you smile and learn so much from your life and your good and bad times. You like to go on talking to them. Just keep listening to them.
For a second just sit and realize that you are living in a place that wont even hold the space of the tip of a pin on the world map. The planet is a small point in this universe. Who are you?

Rather than being indulged in the trap of money, revenge and sadness, accept what comes for you for that’s what is written for you. I counter questioned myself, why to accept less than what you deserve. But then, my inner voice counted the glass was full… i was in a far better state than i was the previous year.. i am moving forward.. my life isn’t at a hault. Why stress and waste my time.
That happiest soul taught me the essence of individuality. I think each one of us would accept that being through any kind of tough time in life, we actually get one step closer to realize ourselves and our presence. Going through any kind of depression and trauma, one learns to stand through that storm again. But, one must never loose himself in the run of life. You are one of a kind, one unique. If people cheat on you, people copy you, it means that they are either trying to reach your level ( because they know where they stand in front of you ) or they can’t and they try to bring you down to their level. Changing ourself is no good option. The option is to better change the love for yourself. Realize what you want from life and act accordingly.
The A B C of the life is a bit differently learnt by us. Its an aeroplane, a ball and a cat. But as we get mature, that A B C gets attached to our life. ATTITUDE. BALANCE. CONTROL. Be approachable. Irrespective of your age, awaken the child in yourself that’s long gone. With the passage of time, don’t let your heart get smaller as the brain grows. Make yourself a big warm heart of love and happiness. Realize, that without any problem, this life can become a mess, with some problems, this life gets its meaning fulllfilled. I applied that.. and that day i changed for the better.
What was left imprinted on my heart was, make yourself so strong, and love your life so much, that you become an inspiration for someone.


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