Getting ready for the V Day !

Hey girls!

Valentine’s day is near, how about the best hacks for the V day!

For this i bring my favourite tips and tricks for all the pretty souls, let the love get more beauty…!

1. Scrub for better

You may look beautiful from a distance, but the black heads are always curious to be in the limelight for you! Make a routine to scrub your face once a week to maintain your flawless skin. (I prefer Himalaya Walnut Face Scrub)

2. Tone and moisturize

though toning is always recommended after scrubbing to tighten the opened pores, toning followed by moisturizing regulary every night would really help the face to glow!

3. Avoid too much make up

Avoid doing too much make up the days before your special day, avoid dark lip shades and eye make up. Keep the pop look for the main day so that it doesn’t look regular.

4. Avoid new products

Avoid using any new products on yourself, or else if not suitable, you may end up ruining  your day. However, look for any other substitute for that.

5. Go naturally curvy hair

Roll your hair in thin strands and pin them up for a day/night. Open them for styling, highlights or side braid. Use hair serum for better results. (I prefer Livon hair serum / aloe vera gel)

6. Go with the weather

I suggest you not to wear according to summers, wear something that suits the day and doesn’t look over or specially worn.

7. Remember for steaming your face

Just a day before, do a home cleansing for face. Steam your face for approximately 10 minutes, followed by toning. ( I recommend rose water as a toner)

8. For luscious lips

Mix a little sugar with coconut oil, check the quantity as required. Scrub your lips a night before to carry healthy lips, free from chipped and dry skin making your pout more hot.

9. Serum for unhealthy hair

Hair serum is always for help if you end up messing your hairdo at the main time. Keep a hair serum always in your bag for the times of crisis as polllution and dirt are much in atmosphere now.



It doesn’t matters you are in a relationship or not, Valentine’s day is the day of love, spend it with yourself, you… you are precious for yourself, get ready to know your worth and love it with pride !

Wish You A Happy Valentine’s!

Any questions , please comment below, and please share


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