A Love Letter

​Dear you,

I write this love letter to your soul, that seeks peace in the noise of this world. With so many humans around us, loosing yourself in the race is more common than realising your worth.

The race says the rule is to win. Without boundaries. Infinite human trying to manipulate you. They may not stand you.

It happens sometimes people don’t like the way you are. They just can’t handle your energy. In return they try best to let you down. To laugh at you. To bring you to there level down. To try making new stories about you. Talk insane about you.

Jealousy knows no limits.

But the worst part turns out to be the 2nd path you choose to react. You give them more attention. You give them more chances to bounce back on you. You pay your valuable attention to them, that’s not even worth it. You end up making a fun of yourself after giving too much attention to them

Instead, choose the 1st part

Always remember… its you who will stay with yourself throughout your life. At a point of time, your parents will leave you, even your partner and your friends also would leave you a day. You will meet many people where ever you may go, at any circumstances, many connections and many lessons willbe learnt. But no one would stay forever. Only  you will stay with yourself throughout this journey. 

Why not love your soul.

Why you try to please other people.

Why you look yourself through other people’s view.

It won’t benefit you to give too much attention to the outside world. You are here to experience life, see the beauty of the world.
When its going to be YOU and only YOU, then why go all the way down to dress yourself to maintain an image which is NOT the real YOU??
Have your favourite clothing,

enjoy your favourite hobby,

visit your favourite places again,

wear the drama you wish, 

Let your lip shade be bold,

Let the hair go wild in air,

Let your wrist wear the favourite old watch,

Let your smile see no end,

Let the eyeliner get more perfect wings

Let your mirror see the real you

Let the people pass by and see you, try to study the unique you, let them believe how they too are hiding themselves

Enjoy every moment given to you.
Start loving yourself the way you are..




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