To fight back? Or to ESCAPE?

Certain things in life cannot be removed. They are fixed. Some situations, some habits, some people, some principles. Some of them give us a lot of good strong strength to stay alive. And some of them, they stop us.

I am trying to move the light to the unhappy nature and circumstances we deal through everyday. Such, they can’t be changed, can’t be eliminated. FIXED.

You wake up, and you have to deal with them. You have to face them without any option. 

More specifically, may i call that the people in your life? We may say we have a choice upto some extent to keep certain people or not. But not always. And that’s a part of the life

Now, the question that arises at the back of my mind, every day i deal with that….

Should i react? Should I Say blunt things? should i FIGHT?


Should i keep quiet? Should i divert my attention? Should i ESCAPE?

Sometimes, or , maybe most of the times, i end up fighting. I just couldn’t think even once, i just want to make them shush. You see… who the hell they are? How dare they speak to me like this?

But something beautiful and changing happened..

And, today i heard something, straight from heart.

Dear, who the hell are you?

Well, i answered back my self, i am a human i get hurt, i dont deserve all this.

Well, you are of course a human, but you got a mind as well.

And now, from where does this mind thing come in this scene?

Yeah, you are using your mind less, and heart more. *Believe in the balance* your poor mind comes across thousands of people in a day, millions of situations and decisions. In short, you have tonnes of workload on your mind. Rather than helping your mind, you are giving your attention to all the waste material.
Now, I’ll pause for a moment for you.

Re read it.

My inner self, highlighted the practical scenario to me. Society thinks- be a human, be calm, be composed, just do your karma.

Yeah, we all read it on our daily motivational quotes on our instagram, facebook, tinder and twitter walls. But nothing’s getting inside our head, and the poor head still working for you.


Wake up! Give it a break. Is your attention too much important for all that crap? People misbehaving, people playing on you, situations opposite your way.


Your mind knows how to deal with it. Just believe yourself.

And i gave myself the answer

Dear babygirl, ESCAPE!

Its not a sign of a looser, its a sign of a hustle.

You have big and great things coming your way. No one’s life is always a mess. The times you deal with difficulties, i have always seen the results of how strong i am the next time i face them

If i can, why can’t you?


6 thoughts on “To fight back? Or to ESCAPE?

  1. Indeed. I struggled with something similar a couple of years back. It took me a long time to realize that you really can Block your mind to all the negative energy around. People render a lot of advice but in the end, only we can help ourselves.
    And of course, one day things will brighten up 🙂 Great post!

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    1. Even i got to face, i guess everyone faces, but gradually we realise this mantra of the happy people and adapt to it like our prayer. Yes. Only we can be the teacher of ourselves. Only we can allow people to influence us. 🙂 thank you for appreciation 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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