Magic infused water!


Water is no doubt an essence of life, and it too is a flavor filled essence of your beauty basket! Yes, flavored water does great help to your body, but before starting i wish to suggest you for a homemade fruit infused water. Please avoid packed products as they contain preservatives more than actual nutrition…

So let’s start with best techniques for a great DIY recipe to make it tasty!


1. So the procedure starts with taking a glass bowl and filing it with cold water.
2. Add the raw thin slices of the combination you select to the water.
3. Refrigerate it for minimum 2 hours. You may even make the water and refrigerate it over night for the following day.
4. The cold water will help absorb all the nutrient and flavour of the slices you added.
5. Don’t remove the slices till you consume all the water.
6. Try not to exceed 24 hours for this solution.


a) make sure you drink this water only the whole day.
b) you have to practice the intake only 3 consecutive days twice a month.
c) you may keep on adding more water to the solution but don’t carry it for more than 24 hours.

Requirement:- you may even buy a fruit infuser water, it is easily available at any store even online too.

1. Green tea + lemon + mint.

In my latest post, i had mentioned this combination with great health benefits. Green tea helps decrease your stress and belly fat. Lemon or lime (as available) helps remove toxins from your body and boost metabolism. Mint helps to keep your refreshed to do more workout and burn fat. This combo helps in digestion and fat burning

2. Cucumber slices + lemon + ginger

Now this one is self tried. It gives too much refreshment specially talking for summers. Cucumber got fibre and high nutrients that help alot in feeling the stomach full. Lemon helps remove all toxins and ginger gives a nice flavour and boost to the combination.

3. Orange + ginger + honey

orange is a great fat reducer. It is full of vitamin C that helps for betterment of skin. ginger too when gets infused with all its vitamins helps a lot in reducing belly fat. Honey gives nutrition and helps giving better taste to water.

4. Blueberry + Apple + Raspberry

this infusion helps a lot as a anti-oxidant. The berries provide a super great taste, and apple helps in making the tummy feel good and full, that in turn reduces the urge to eat more. it helps a lot to decrease fat and stay healthy

At last, i would just like to mention that many times, the body doesn’t accept cold water whole day. if it is so, i request you to quit this procedure and adopt exercise and walking. Since its the summer time, it may even suit many of you!

stay healthy, stay fit! Happy Summers..


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