DIY Face Spray in 2 minutes

​Setting up your makeup needs real efforts, Toning the whole face needs extra care and looking beautiful without much a do is more demanded. So in this post i decided why not to share my favourite DIY face sprays that actually work.

You can take it with yourself anywhere you wish. Apply Any time you like. No pungent smell and easy handle.


1. An empty spray bottle. (Plastic / glass)

2. Water

3. Rose water

4. Aloe vera gel
Procedure :-

1. Take an empty spray bottle. Make sure its dry. Now add a very small amount of water.

2. Put a substantial amount of aloe vera gel and stir well till it starts to look like a liquid.

3. Add rose water to the mixture and again stir well.

4. There is no fourth point. You’re good to go..
Benefits :-

I decided to add aloe vera gel as it works as a great natural primer and tries to bind and close the pores of the skin. It gives a great freshness and soft look to the face. It also is a great moisturizer.

Rose water gives an instant freshness to the face and also gives a great rose fragrance to the spray. It is a natural toner and brightens the dull face.

I hope you liked the small DIY face spray.

Stay smiling.

Loads of love !


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