About Me

img_20161221_182221the secret to human freedom is to act well
without the attachment to the Result..
-Bhagvad Geeta

A really warm welcome to all the readers to my blog. I am feeling so happy to share my blog with you all. It would be better if I let you know about me so that you feel free to ask any queries or suggestions with me. I am Shambhavi Mehrotra running this blog for all you lovely readers!

Currently I am living in Delhi, India. I was born and brought up in Delhi.

Why I love Blogging?
From the time I realised about wordpress, I was really excited to work on it. WordPress helped me write my views and share them with others. On the other hand, I love to communicate with people on very general issues, problems, and hot topics. I love to solve the problems of people and help to boost their confidence. I had a lot of plot to put in and therefore, blogging slowly developed into a very favourite hobby, or rather say, as an addiction!

What made me hook up to blog writing?
I always had an urge to keep writing something or another. Languages and literature have always been my most favourite. I have learnt Hindi, English, Punjabi and now pursuing for French too. Being a proud Indian, Hindi and English are taught with great interest in schools and our writers are masters in putting the magic to build up a beautiful soul in their characters. This always made reading and writing a very lovable hobby in my life.
So when a break approached after my exams, I found about blogger wherein I could share my views and thoughts and moreover, write as much as I want! So I looked forward for blogging as my new lovable hobby.

What I like the most about my Blog?
Wordpress provided me with a platform to write my views and share some really helpful information to the readers. This is the best part I find about my blog. On one hand I am able to help people, on the other hand, I am able to write….which is my favourite hobby!

What are some other hobbies I carry in my bag ?

  1. Sketching.
    Though i am very bad at human figures but at some free time i try making some sketches of random things in my file. Soon i’ll be uploading some of my works on my blog too.
  2. Photography
    Its not only the selfies that create a photographer, but the imagination and creativity of mind that creates a photographer.
  3. Listening music.
    Who doesn’t loves music. Music has always proved to be a bonus for enjoyment and a therapy for a bad day! It takes away all the stress and leaves you enjoying with yourself. I love rap, romantic, rock, pop, soft, Sufi … and list is endless.. (In short I love listening to music..dah!)
  4. Writing and blogging random stuff.
    I stated that writing is my favourite hobby and I am running one more blog. Here I am posting many random and interesting things for my readers.

Some random questions….

  1. When did I realised about blogging?
    I had heard a lot that people run their blogs and post their plots. But i had truly never given any special attention towards blogging. But when i finished my school, I used to feel like I am the most lazy person alive here. All my writing practice was slowly fading. To look into this, once I came across WordPress while surfing and then I discovered all about it.
  2. My personal mission statement
    Life is just one. So as stated by Marilyn Monroe,
    “live it up, drink it down, laught it off, avoid the drama. take chances and never regret, because at one point, everything you did was exactly what you wanted.So, rather than sticking on your past, and ruining the present, rather than pondering on what will happen and spoiling the fun of today… better live every moment as if there won’t be any tomorrow.

I hope you get a nice time reading my blog.
Take care!

Shaambhavi Mehrotra